You have been warned! This site is for adult only. If you want to visit us, you have to make sure that you are the person with strong sense of humor and you don’t take the life too seriously. What does it means? It means, that if you are grumpy old fart, you shouldn’t watch this site, otherwise you take a risk of getting some heart attack or even something worse!

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Super Fapper is a brand the likes of which this world hasn’t yet witnessed.
In theory, it was not even supposed to be established, but we did it anyway.
Why did we do it? Because we thought it’s necessary - not only for fappers,
but also for people who want to manifest their originality before the world.
Drinking Super Fapper means that you’re cool, you don’t care what other people think,
you’ve got a good sense of humor and aren’t self-obsessed. That’s what it’s all about.
Energy drink

Achtung! You are now looking at the most wicked energy drink you’ve ever seen and will ever see! Not only is it a must-have power-up for any true fapper, it’s first and foremost a symbol of independence and nonconformism.
How does Super Fapper work? Its carefully designed blend of ingredients will give you all the energy you need to spend night after night watching porn.

Other than that, Super Fapper drinkers are boosted with +10 sarcasm points which allows them to fight off internet trolls with more efficiency. You won’t get that from any other beverage in the world!

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An absolute must-have for any fapper... & hipster!
PRPID FAP t-shirt
A legendary t-shirt giving you +50 to swag +100 to humor

FAP t-shirt
Prawdziwie lansowy outfit imprezowy

DN stickers
A super label giving you full comfort
even during hardcore fapping

SIZES: Ø6cm, Ø8cm, Ø11cm, 25cm
Are you hyped? Do you want it?
We want Super Fapper to be available everywhere there’s a demand for it.
Unfortunately, this will take a while, so be patient!
In the meantime, check out our social media profiles - some interesting stuff’s going to go down!
And, obviously, you can write us - you can find the form below.